Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Release Party gets its release

This thing got born out of anger and frustration..

You can say that again, I was there..

We want a release. We're tired of bad news, tired of the knot in our stomach.

Right on..

We want something to look forward to.

Yes, we do..

Big records, on big speakers, in a nice room, with friends and family and a smile on our lips.

Sounds great..

'Cause we just want to say something, and we just want to play something.


Music is the answer they say. People are the answer, we add.


Soul in the speakers means soul in the speaker.

I like the sound of that, very catchy..

So let's speak. Let's think. Let's dance and drink, laugh and kiss, once a week.

Every week.

You may have seen this rather crytic speech make its around town on little fliers, seeking to let people know about a new party, happening once a week. It began as a bile-filled rant about the state of the nation (I was there), but became something much better. As the idea grew, it became a night for people to relax, have fun, hang out, listen to some good music and, well that's essentially it.

So last week saw the launch of the Release Party, and 300 people turned up to the newly refurb'd club downstairs in Aubars to celebrate and listen to Stevie Wonder records. And dance.

This turned out so successful it is planned to run weekly in the same location, with similar nights taking place in Cork, Galway and Dublin very soon. Plus potential interest in Edmonton, Shanghai, New York and Sydney (I'll go set these up shall I?)

Respected Djs such as Aim (Fri, March 6) and New York's Qool DJ Marv (pic above - Fri, April 3) are due in town for shows in the near future. This has all been made possible by Eightball and full info is available here and here.

The release party is about having a party, and a release. The release party is yours, made by you, for you and yours. Simple.

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El Chalkerino said...

I thought that dude was Marlo Stanfield for a brief moment.