Monday, February 16, 2009

David Holmes provides perfect score for Gentlemen's Tea Drinking Society

DESPITE boasting one of the most bizarre names we have yet to encounter in the theatre world, the Gentlemen’s Tea Drinking Society is a play to be very excited about.

There are two reasons for this; one, the barmy title is backed up by the equally baffling-sounding subject matter which deals with a demented physicist and is set on the eve of the destruction of the universe; two, and far more importantly in our opinion, it features a score specially written for the occasion by Belfast musician David Holmes (pictured above), a prospect that has us mouth-a-watering with anticipation.

You see Holmes is the man who made the Ocean’s 11 movies move with that extra bit of zip and zing, the man who made Steven Soderbergh appear far cooler than his appearance would suggest, who provided the soundtrack to George Clooney’s seduction of Jennifer Lopez in the noir-filled comedy caper Out of Sight.

Holmes was also responsible for one of the finest albums of last year, the electro-rock sonata The Holy Pictures. Suffice to say he has got some game. This will be the former DJ’s first crack at writing a musical score specifically for the stage, hence why we are getting so excited.

The Belfast DJ was approached to write the score by Belfast based theatre company, Ransom Productions, who won rave reviews and awards for their debut play Hurricane, the one-man show about the life of one of snooker’s most notorious champions, Alex Higgins.

This time out Ransom focus their attention on CERN, the Hadron Collider and a scientist who claims to have discovered the secret of the universe.

The black comedy was written by and stars Richard Dormer (pic below) as the demented physicist Brian, as well some of the cream of UK acting talent in the form of David Ireland, Howard Teale and Matthew Flynn.

The Gentlemen’s Tea Drinking Society will be performed in the Belltable next Wednesday and Thursday, February 18 and 19. Tickets are available on 061-319866.

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