Monday, February 16, 2009

Mick Flannery in conversation with the Limerick Leader

Cracking chat with Cork musician and Choice nominated artist Mick Flannery last week, one of the most entertaining I've had in a long time. He gave some very honest answers to every question I asked him.
See below for an entertaining (I think so anyway) slice of our conversation. See Leader 2 this weekend for the full interview.

(From about five minutes into the conversation)

(Me) What do you think about talking about yourself - you weren't used to it at the start?

(Mick) Yeah, I'm starting to get used to it now and I don't know if I like that either. This is grand now because you didn't start the conversation with (adopts tone) 'Mick Flannery - your rise has been described as metoric, how does that make you feel?"

(Me) I'm buttering you up though! (he laughs)

I don't fucking talk, like. You've got me on a day when I'm not hungover as well. I'd be very quiet most of the time. I suppose it is easier for the two of us if I talk. (we both laugh)

(Me) Do you like doing this type of thing (phoners)?

I can't say I look forward to them, but I don't mind them. It's a strange thing, I don't know you like, and it's a one way conversation, I'm not asking you questions. I wouldn't know where to start, we'd have to be sitting over a few pints.
(Fast forward a few minutes)

(Me) Tell us a bit about making/recording the album (White Lies)?

The record company lads wanted me to use a producer. I had never looked into producers before, what they did or what their role was - they said it gets things moved along, gets things done quicker, it's good to have an extra pair of ears around. It turned out anyway that I didn't know who to pick - the only person I would pick was Rick Rubin, and they weren't getting me him. (laughs)

Anyway, they got me this lad and it didn't really work out - to my mind anyway, he was more pop oriented. We didn't really see eye to eye. It was uncomfortable and a big contrast to the previous time we recorded, because it was a family friend in Cork, who I used to go out to on weekends and eat dinner with his family. Up in Dublin was totally different. It felt like we were in a cave, starting at four in the evening and working till four at night - and there was often problems and tensions.

So eventually I said there's something going on here. That didn't work out that well so we had to go and re-record a couple of things with a different guy. I ended up getting a producer credit.

(Me - I see that, it says Mick Flannery on the album sleeve)

I didn't get on with that c*** at all. (laughs)

I had been fighting my corner with this other guy all the time, so it ended up with me trying to call all the shots anyway, because I wasn't a huge fan. Don't print too much of this bad shit!
Mick Flannery plays in Dolan's Warehouse this Friday night, February 21.

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