Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's simply not all bad.. Meteor Award Nominations

I'm going to say something that many might find distasteful, or even outrageous.. The nominees for this year's Meteor Awards are actually (gasp, shock horror).. really not that bad.

In fact, they are the best list of nominations I have seen the corporate event go with in years and years - ever, probably..

Now I hold no sway to the fact that I was actually asked to be a member of the voting panel of judges* - as probably every other media hack in the country was, I'm not blowing any trumpets here, believe me - but if you look at the list, well, let's say the evidence speaks for itself.

Fight like Apes and the Loose are nominated in the best Irish band category (ok, so are the Script, Snow Patrol and The Blizzards - but two out of five ain't bad)

Can you believe it? Jape (Richie Egan), David Holmes, and Mick Flannery are all nominated in best Irish male. (Even the others, Damo Dempsey and Duke Special aren't too bad)

But wait, it get's better.. Lisa Hannigan (a shoo in), Gemma Hayes and chanteuse Camille O'Sullivan are all nominated for best Irish female..

I'll skip best Irish pop act (bet the house on the god awful The Script) and run straight to Irish album of the year. Consider the evidence:

FLA.. and the mystery of the Gold Medallion
Lisa H - Sea Sew
Messiah J and the Expert - From the Word Go
and (The Script and Snow Patrol - again, three out of five ain't bad)
Absolutely three of the best Irish albums of last year (and all due to play in Limerick in the next weeks and months, more on that soon)
(The lovely Lisa H on stage in the Belltable last year, gigs to come in the city soon, but I'm not allowed tell yet)
Not as bad as you would expect from a brash, industry driven event like the Meteor's. I'm hoping to go along for the craic (once I convince the LL that it is in their interest to let me go) so stay tuned for a report..
Wait, there's more!! Bon Iver in best International male, and Elbow for Best Band!

*The fact that I voted for the final two (and Lisa H, Jape and FLA) convinces me that my vote actually was hugely important, more so than any other media hack. So there.

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Anonymous said...

nice to see Bon Iver in there, but FLA are the biggest bunch of chancers doing the rounds. They'll be forgotten about in a few years.