Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Delorentos no more?

This just in off the wire (frankly a bit bizarre if you ask me - but obviously a knock-on effect of the band's record company folding before Christmas. A shame, especially after the buzz created by In Love With Detail - superb Irish album - and various tours, nationally and abroad)

Delorentos released the following statement today:

We've got some sad news.

It's with a very heavy heart that we have to let you know that Ronan has decided to leave the band. He feels it’s best for him to move on and do other things.

The three of us will still be making music and will let you know what happens next.

As our songs always came from the four of us playing together we've also decided that it wouldn't feel right to continue "delorentos" without him.

We're all very proud of the songs we've written over the last year, we feel they're some of the best we've ever done, and as a result we're determined not to discard them or let them go.

Next month, the four of us are going to record this album together and plan on making it something we'll all be proud of.

It'll be our last collection of songs as delorentos, and we hope you'll like them.We want to thank everyone that's supported us since we started, we'd never have gotten this far without you.

We hope to play a gig or two to say goodbye.

We'll be in touch soon with more details. Ross, Níal and Kieran and Ro

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