Monday, August 24, 2009

Coors Light Peak - free gig on Limerick Docks in September

There you have it, you are looking at the site for the Coors Light Peak event, that is to take place on Limerick docks on September 19, featuring Reverend and the Makers, RSAG and Dark Room Notes, with more to be announced.
Not easy to find info on this gig, which is free and tickets are available via the Coors Light website, four per person. Something to do with docklands, a bar made out of a steel container, and gigs in Limerick, Cork, Galway, Dublin etc.
On the Beat has been aware of rumblings about this gig for sometime, due to chatter from informed circles around town and the surreptitious billboards that went up in various locations around the city in recent weeks, none containing any details or information.
We are trying to track down the promoters of said event to get more info, and you will have it as soon as we do.
Anyhow, seems to be taking place on the Steamboat Quay side of the docks, as opposed to the other end where Dolan's had their D-10 festival last year.
Line-up isn't bad, although RATM played in Dolan's already this year, but such innovation is to be congratulated regardless.
Hey, it's a free gig, and there'll probably be a limited supply of free booze, so who are we to complain! Ha!
More info in tomorrow's paper.

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