Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tonight in Trinity Rooms and Dolan's

Three different gigs happening in the city tonight - and who ever complained that there was nothing to do during the week?
Trinity Rooms hosts the final Schnitzel comedy club of the year with someone called Tony Law. Now I'm no huge stand-up comedy fan, but this guy comes well recommended. Not sure what he is doing with the axe in the photo above, but maybe he will reveal all tonight.
Following that Dublin band Dirty Epics play in the club for the LSAD christmas ball, but all are welcome. Decent album recently, but lead singer SJ Wai is probably worth the trip alone, no? See above.
Meanwhile, Northern Irish artist Jim McKee - who has lived in Co Clare for the last number of years - brings his show to Dolan's Upstairs venue tonight. The former boxer is also a talented painter, and his debut album Just A Piece Of, suggests he is worth checking out. Folk acoustic tunes, with an Irish twist.
Saving all of that, there is also Champions League on the box, but you probably knew that already.

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