Friday, December 19, 2008

Living for the weekend

Loads happening at the weekend around town, here is a very quick run down, more detail to be had from the Limerick Leader website:


Jack L in the Warehouse (not my cup of tea but the man can sing)

The Fewer The Better in Bakers (crash bang wallop, go on the lads)

Nu Killa Kru host an Xmas bash in the Underground


Giveamanakick do Giveamanachristmas in Bakers (with Brian O'Brien of Roper fame)

Stone Roses Experience in the Warehouse


Nick Carswell & The Elective Orchestra's Midwinter Xmas Xtravaganza, Upstairs in Dolan's (More detail on this to follow - free mulled wine and mince pies - I'm in)

In the meantime I'm off to Kings of Leon in the O2 tonight, woop! Pity about the name but I missed out on a media tour of the completely remodelled Point some time ago so can't wait to see if all the hype is justified. M83 play support (superb French electro-crazy outfit) and rumours still abound that U2 will feature at some point. Get in!

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