Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kiernan McMullan plays in Baker Place this Friday night

EXCITING young performer Kiernan McMullan takes to a Limerick stage this Friday night for the first time in many moons. It will also be the last gig for the foreseeable future for the Killaloe singer-songwriter, as he gears up to return to America, where he has spent the last year touring incessantly.
This might just be the hardest working young man around. Despite being signed to Brad Fischetti’s One Eleven (111) Records - an Orlando based record company with a Warner Music distribution deal - before he left these shores in November ‘08, McMullan grafted his way around the States, building his profile and playing whatever gigs he could get.
Forget glamour; Greyhound buses and hitch-hiking was the order of the day, before he eventually got himself a van and onto a couple of national tours.
“I did four national tours, two of which were package tours, which were good and meant I was getting on tours where the rooms were going to be full anyway, the other acts were drawing the people, was nice, because I was able to get a lot of CDs out,” explained Kiernan.
The graft was good for Kiernan it seems, no stranger to travelling, having spent time in various parts of the world before moving to Ireland about nine years ago, attending Villiers School in the city.
“It is amazing, you don't think you are able to do something until you have to do it. When I decided to go to America, at first the idea of hitch hiking and bussing seemed like a stupid idea. (But) I went and did it like that from the start and got the van and the tours - slowly but surely after the year and three months, my playing has got a whole better I think, more confident, and my ability to survive has improved,” he laughed.
The 23-year old first came to our attention several years ago with the release of his lo-fi debut ‘New Age Robin Hood’, before he upped his game on the Grouse Lodge recorded Perfect People Are Boring in 2008.
Now, he is set to release an acoustic EP, called The Best Part - the first of several changes for the young singer.
“I am still working with 111 Records, but I am leaving the label. I am starting my own label called About Sound Records, mainly as an outlet for my own stuff, but I would like to build it up over the next few years into a real label, one worth signing to.
“I wanted to have an acoustic EP so people could have the songs I have been playing live as well. There are six new songs. I am really happy with it.”
Before he goes again, catch Kiernan - along with David Hope and Adam Hourigan - in Baker Place this Friday night.

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