Thursday, January 21, 2010

And then it was twenty ten...... The Release Party returns

The Release Party returns tonight, and as a special treat, we have a guest post(rant) from those nice folks over at Eightball, who run the weekly club night and many other fine gigs around the city.
As we understand it, The Release started as exactly that - an opportunity to get away from the stresses and pressures of the doom and gloom of daily life and, chill out.. As you will see below, this is still the objective...

Right, well that’s 2009 done & dusted. it wasn’t that pretty, sure it wasn’t. still, nice to get the whole lot of it over with in a swift 12 months.
let’s see now, just to remind ourselves of the reason why the release party first kicked it heels back in february of last year………
..the most difficult economic conditions since the formation of our young state…….check. a swift & massive rise in unemployment……check. public & private sector, (ie ordinary people) set at each others’ throats by the political & media establishment…..check. a collapse in house prices rendering those same ordinary people in massive debt, negative equity, daily pressure & anxiety……check. the simultaneous collapse of and exposure of the banking system as a viciously irresponsible, corrupt & greedy community……check. the eventual dazzling exposure of a religious behemoth that puts power, money & the cloth in front of the lives of children……check. a government hellbent on politiking their way out of all of the above……lots, and lots, and lots of check. thierry henry…..yip, check. and a few other horrible things that weren’t horrible enough to make the list…….couple of checks.
still standing though, right?
thought so…….and the reason for that, of course, is the outpouring of joy, high-heels, and adventurous dancing that was the release party every friday.
well maybe not the full reason, but a good 60/70% of the reason, we’re in no doubt.
so, with our heads turning to one more dirty year before we can confidently say “well that’s the end of that then, think we can go on holiday again”, the release party turns on the decks again this friday, jan 22, to do that soul, funk, hip hop & house thing that we’re so fond of.
the idea was always to throw a little party to push against the grim, have a gentle light at the end of a generally dark week, pick yourself up off the floor & put yourself on the dancefloor, and other edging-towards-corny hippy-isms.
& that’s still the idea.
midnight this friday bears the fruits of some crate digging for new, unused release records, look out for our new art, get headphones at the ready for our first release mix, pick out something nice to wear to our first birthday on feb 12, keep an eye on our upcoming guests from across the water in both directions, and invest in some tidy drinks promos to boot, all in the surrounds of the deep red au bars basement.
how we doin…….?
& as always, thanks for listening. see you tonight bitches

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