Thursday, March 12, 2009

News, news and news - Halfset to play in Limerick

Some news on shows coming this way - just remember where you heard it first..

The wonderful Halfset are coming this way next week (Sat 21), on the back of their Choice Music prize nomination for the excellent album, Another Way of Being There.

They played three tracks from the delightfully electro-acoustic-dreamy album at the Choice, complete with eye-catching visuals etc. Another Way.. is possibly better than debut Dramanolog, released in 2005 - and I never thought I would find myself typing that.

But wait, there's more!! Halfset are going to be supported by Adrian Crowley (also a Choice nominee, in 2008) in a wonderful double bill - his fourth album Long Distance Swimmer is still burning a hole on my I-pod.. All of this, in the Belltable? Can't go wrong..

Some other news now, Dolan's on the Dock Road venue are to welcome Detroit rockers the Von Bondies - who have signed to Dublin label Model Citizen, home to Fight Like Apes - to the Warehouse on May 12. New album due from the garage rockers on April 10 - Love, Hate, And Then There's You - previews on their myspace.

The Warehouse are also welcome Northern punk-rockers Stiff Little Fingers (May 21), Delorentos before they break up (May 15), and Lloyd Cole (May 9) - plus the return of Fred (April 8), Bell X1, Duke Special, a Giveamanacoustic gig, The Enemy (April 19), John Mayall, Paul DiAnno (Iron Maiden frontman!! April 3), David Kitt (super new album - April 5), RSAG (April 22) and more!

We will have news soon on some other high-profile gigs happening on the May Weekend, but we have been ordered to keep stum in the meantime while the kinks are ironed out..

Going to Fight Like Apes tonight in the Warehouse - after an incendiary performance at the Choice last week, looking forward to it..

Also Messiah J and the Expert on Saturday - Recession? What recession?

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