Monday, March 9, 2009

Jurassic 5's Akil the MC to perform in the Belltable, Limerick

Look at him there, none other than Akil the MC from the now-defunct, former Kings of hip-hop Jurassic 5. Hot off the presses comes the news that Akil is to come to Limerick to perform a very (very) special live show in the Belltable (@ 36 Cecil Street).

Akil will perform (wait for it) a healthy mix of his own material and a "host of J5 classic", which has left one Limerick Leader colleague (the pithily witty Chalkboard) salivating.

From the blurb (boiled down by yours truly):

A founding member of J5, Akil was at the forefront of the seminal hip-hoppers, taking vocal, production and lyrical charge of many of the group's most famous works in cluding
'Concrete School Yard’, ‘Quality Control’ and ‘Thin Line’.

Akil hails from the boroughs of South Central LA and through his Rebels of Rhythm group, quickly rose through the ranks of the LA hip-hop scene - his "crew" later amalgamating with the Unity Committee to become Jurassic 5.

Jurassic 5 were picked up by Interscope in 1999, and their first order of business was to re-release the under ground classic J5 Ep, which was followed by ‘Quality Control’, ‘Power In Numbers’, and ‘Feed Back’.

While J5 called it a day in 2007 (to the Chalkboard's considerable chagrin) Akil is still touring, playing and spreading his message and comes to Limerick as a special guest of Eightball for a special Release Party live show at the Belltable on Friday, March 27. Tickets are 17 bobs and available from the box office - 061-319866 and, as an added bonus, show your Akil ticket at the door of The Release Party from 11.30pm at the Club @ Au Bars for free entry and a late night.


El Chalkerino said...

Pah. The Chalkboard broke this story a week ago. Clearly you aren't as On The Beat as you so readily claim

Alan Owens said...

Yes, but I emailed you the information so you could post it. You get your news from me!

El Chalkerino said...

Guff and unquantifiable heresay out of you, Owens. Bunk. Bunk I say