Friday, February 5, 2010

Out On A Limb host label night in Dolan's

LIMERICK based independent record label Out On A Limb are to host a ‘label night’ this Friday night, featuring two of the bands on the label’s roster, plus exciting new up and coming Ennis based band C!ties.
Rest and Crayonsmith will perform at the label show this Friday in Dolan’s, plus the Ennis based electro-trio.
OOAL have been quiet of late, in fact, 2009 was a year in which the label were completely inactive, the last Limerick gig a fifth birthday celebration in December 2008.
The label was originally established by Albert Twomey and Richard Bourke to release Giveamanakick’s 2003 offering ‘Is It Ok To Be Loud Jesus?’ - before going on to release nine albums by seven different bands over the next five years.
Thankfully, despite last year’s period of inactivity, OOAL have decided not to go the course of the now defunct Giveamanakick, and are aiming to get new releases out in 2010, as well as find some new bands for the stable.

“We are trying to get a bit of momentum going, because last year was incredibly dormant,” says Ciaran Ryan of OOAL, who joined not long after its inception.
“I think an important part of this year is that we are trying to add a couple of bands to the label roster, which is what we need - we had no releases last year because we had no-one new coming through and the lads were all working on albums and stuff."
"So we are on a recruiting drive, so to speak, at the moment,” he laughs.

Still home to Windings - featuring Steve Ryan of Giveamanakick - Rest, Crayonsmith, Ten Past Seven and Hooray for Humans, OOAL have a lot to offer, and have a weighty reputation as a no-frills label with an eye for talent.
Windings will release a single in April, with an album to come later in the year, while Cork band Hooray for Humans will release a much anticipated album this year also.

A meeting between the label and the bands decided that it was worth salvaging and keeping it up and running, good news for Limerick and music fans in general.
Asked if he can see the label celebrating a tenth birthday, Ciaran is positive, but somewhat circumspect.
“Yeah, why not. It's not that far away. I can't see why not, but we have to change how we operate - there are not that many record labels going for ten years, especially small independent record labels, of which there are very few at all. No-one is buying records, and at the end of the day, that counts. I think the important thing is to try and be a bit more creative”.

He adds: “Limerick has always been great to the label and I think there has been a element of pride and people standing by the label, so it will be interesting to see if that goodwill is still there”.
Out On A Limb’s label show takes place this Friday, Upstairs in Dolan’s.

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