Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Choke Comedy tonight in the Belltable

THE RATHER excellent comedy improv troupe ‘Choke Comedy’ return to the Belltable this Wednesday for another night of hilarious sketch comedy.

Formed just a year ago, the various locally based cast members have knitted well the more they perform together and if you like your comedy fast-paced, loose and exciting, this is the show for you.

Winners of the Special Judges' Award at the UnFringed Festival, the troupe features local thespian Myles Breen, actress Norma Lowney, Ann Blake of the Brad Pitt Light Orchestra along with Tracy Aspel, Charlie Cassie, Susan Holland and Jerry O’Mullane.

Asked how the cast have managed to combine to form a show that is driven by audience participation and resembles the madcap comic genius of tv show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Myles Breen is forthright.

“It's like being an athlete - you have to train your brain to think that way,” he says.

“With improv you have to let go of any ideas that it should go 'this way' or 'that way', because it is unrehearsed and made-up on the spur of the moment. The whole idea is responding right in the moment and going with whatever is presented to you by an audience member or another performer.”

The strength of this - take it from us - hilarious show, is not so much in the individual strengths of the ensemble cast who are undoubtedly masters of their craft, but rather in the way that they gel together and feed off one another.

No-one is offered any comfort and every slip-up is pounced upon mercilessly, often making this as funny as the improv material itself. “The acting is part of the skill, but we all sort of complement each other,” Myles agrees.

See Choke Comedy in the Belltable @ 36 Cecil Street this Wednesday, December 9, at 8pm.

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