Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brainfeeder's first lady Tokimonsta in the Cuckoo Box this Saturday

THE LA-based Brainfeeder family's first lady Tokimonsta makes a very rare and special appearance in Limerick this Saturday night, as the guest of local crew's Cheebah/Kerrynini. Brainfeeder is also home to Daedelus, The Gaslamp Killer, Onra and more, so we expect Ms Tokimonsta to be something special..

Cheebah's Peter Curtin gave us the heads up on this one, in his words:
"Born and raised in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, TOKiMONSTA (Jennifer Lee) was an unfocused pupil of classical piano.
However, she has come to use this background to understand and create vast soundscapes and textures through the usage of live instruments, percussion, digital manipulation, and dusty vinyls.
Through the creation of beats, she is able to fuse the sounds of the past with her musical prowess into something avant garde—all while preserving old school vibes.
Yeah, and she's got mad dope records coming on All City and Brainfeeder, played the Low End Theory and just got selected for the Red Bull Music Academy 2010. Job."

For more see here and there's a podcast with the first lady herself here.

Tokimonsta plays in the Cuckoo Box this Saturday night, no doubt along with a few of the aforementioned crews. It is also FREE, so there is no excuse for going. Starts around 9pm..

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