Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Just Writing My Name" - International graffiti session to take place in Limerick this weekend

LIMERICK is to play host to some of the top graffiti artists in the world this weekend, as the first ever international graffiti session to take place in Ireland is hosted in the city.
Over 20 artists from across Europe will gather in Limerick’s Skatepark for the “Just Writing My Name” graffiti jam, hosted by the O’Connell Street-based graffiti shop South Central LK and Montana Cans, a European spray-paint supplier.
Two of the world’s most famous graffiti artists, Klark Kent and Cantwo, will be among those travelling to the city for the event.
“This is world standard art, the artists that are attending are world class and world renowned,” explained Nick Bromfield, local musician and artist, who is involved with the event.
“There are 20 plus artists attending and we are going to put up boards around the skate park that they will use.
It will all be very bright, very colourful. In graffiti terms it is called writing - a lot of letter styles that would be very distinctive, every artist has a different style,” added Nick.
The Montana sponsored “Just Writing My Name” festival is a major one that travels the world and it is a significant coup for Limerick that it has secured such an event.
The graffiti festival will begin at 10am this Saturday in Limerick Skatepark and is a family-friendly event. Admission is free and there will be music, street performances, skateboard demonstrations and much more.
For more see today's Limerick Chronicle.
(pic (c) Emma Jervis/Press 22)

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