Friday, July 3, 2009

Tonelist - Noel Hogan releases album of local acts

FORMER CRANBERRIES’ guitarist Noel Hogan has released an album celebrating a new crop of local music talent on his label Gohan Records.

‘Tonelist’ is a fourteen track compilation of acts and bands from around the city, selected by Hogan and Alan Jacques of Live 95 FM, whose ‘Green and Live’ radio show was used to tracklist the album.

“The objective is to highlight the huge amount of wonderful music being created locally and to give it a springboard onto the national stage,” said Noel.

“This CD is first and foremost a celebration of Limerick’s rich and diverse music scene. There is so many great bands and singers in Limerick doing great work right now and they really deserve to be heard by a larger audience,” he added.

Hogan noted that Limerick has produced some superb acts over the years, including Granny’s Intentions, Tuesday Blue, The Driven, The Hitchers, Woodstar and his former band.

Now, the intention is to give some up and coming ‘Limrock’ bands a chance to flaunt their wares. Included on the CD are a superb collection of songs from some of Limerick’s more established and well known acts, such as We Should Be Dead, Giveamanakick, Vesta Varro, Headgear and Hogan’s own current project, Arkitekt, which has contibuted the song Pacing.

Side by side with these tracks are those from up and coming talent such as Drumming Room, Supermodel Twins, Pio, The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra, Alkali Flat, Seneca, Brendan Markham, Walter Mitty And The Realists, and Mark O’Connor.

A number of these bands are touring both in Ireland and the United States at the moment, but some have yet to make an impact beyond the Limerick music scene.

It is undoubtable that a push thanks to Hogan’s considerable clout will help with exposure. Hogan has already released his own music on the Limerick based Gohan Records - under the Monoband and Arkitekt monikers - but this is the first such release and in giving local bands the chance to showcase their wares, is to be congratulated.

Tone List will be available from I-tunes and record stores from Friday July 10. For more information log onto

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