Thursday, May 14, 2009

Martin Sheen watch - day two

Of all things to hear at 5pm on a Wednesday evening, the news that one of your all-time heroes is walking around Limerick - Parnell Street to be precise - has to be one of the strangest.

Yes, Martin Sheen - aka Ramon Estevez, President Bartlet, Capt. Willard - was spotted walking around Limerick yesterday evening by one of Owen South's (LL photographer) many sources around town.
Needless to say we hopped in the car to go looking for him, trying to figure out where he might go from the end of Parnell Street? Left onto Roches Street?

Rumour has it he might have been on the Angela's Ashes tour? Nope, that rumour confirmed as false by local tour guide, Mick O'Donnell.

Maybe he fancied a bit of shopping on Thomas Street? Nope, no sign.
King John's Castle? The Treaty Stone? St. Mary's Cathedral? Nope, nope and nope.

Well we tried, but trying to find a huge Hollywood movie star in Limerick city ain't easy.
Anyone who spots Mr Sheen might drop us a line? Here he is in one of his iconic roles, Capt Willard from Apocalypse Now..

In the meantime, watch him on last week's Late Late Show here.

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