Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sometimes I love this job.. most of the time..

Sometimes I love this job. At least three-quarters of the time I get satisfaction from what I do, and I count myself lucky for that. Of course, like everyone else, the long days and Mondays in particular, are nearly enough to drive me to the depths of a bottle of whiskey, but hey, the week gets better as it rolls on...

This afternoon I spent approx 20 minutes on the phone with Joe from Cork band Fred. Most of the 20 minutes were spent chuckling at the witticisms he had to offer, far removed from the bog standard anecdotes/quotes offered up from some of his peers, both national and international.

Like many people, I was surprised at the band's omission from the recent Choice Music Prize shortlist for their third album 'Go God Go'. Maybe the judges, like me (and I hold my hands up here) thought the album was released in late 2007, rather than 2008. Woops. If I had realised the album was actually released last year, it would have made my top 5 Irish albums of the year, no contest.

It is a joyous, soaring album of pop/rock and roll tunes, full of epic harmonies and lung bursting vocals from the man himself. Joe was diplomatic about the album's omission, noting his disappointment, but acknowledging that the band weren't surprised not to make the list. Politics and all of that.

Anyway, read all about it in next week's Leader. And go check out Fred here. They are playing in the Belltable next Saturday week, January 31, so no excuse for not checking them out. I'm reliably informed that there will be a full bar licence in attendance, but don't hold me accountable if not. Go here or here for more information.

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